Grappa Nardini for the Queen Mother, please!


Grappa is  the distillate that is much loved in Italy but also appreciated abroad.


In fact, the Queen Mother appreciated the noble  unique and pure   spirit  such as  Grappa Nardini, so much so that she  ordered a supply to serve her guests  for  the incoronation ceremony of her daughter  Queen Elisabeth II in 1953 … since grappa is known to be the  best  conclusion for and important meal.


It must  have  remained in the memory of Elisabeth “The Queen Mother”, because in May of 1987, during a visit to  Bassano del Grappa she stopped in the historical  Grapperia, as did many other personalities to sip  a “ciccheto” di grappa.


In Nardini’s  archives  there is  a book bearing  her signature for the occasion, a discrete “Elisabeth R”.






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